terça-feira, 25 de junho de 2013

Ocean (F...´s Poem)

Vast and wild is the ocean
Totally untamable, the ocean
Unpredictable immensitude
The water that soothingly bathes
Can also carry quietly away
Among its splattering waves
Waves that hide me between their rise and fall
In springs of summer, or in winter falls

As a rising wave gently lifts me from my feet
Already it begins to break
Leaving no pause, another instantly lifts
Slaps my body without pity or rage
Simply for being a wave
Inconstantly unpredictable
Following only a most natural path
Without lectures, exposes to me what life, what love is

The ocean does not care for me
It simply invites me to ride its waves
Some I dive into, some I lay myself on
Like a mattress of white flowers that quickly fade
Some I´ve tried to catch
But I was only carried away
And some...
I just observe against a colorful fading sun
Touching me deeper than ones I have immersed into

Wild, savage ocean
Which no one can tame
My professor, my philosophy
Green, blue waves that soothe my beasts
The rivers in me flow inevitably
Towards this fundamental key
To understanding life´s mystery
Soothes my unstill heart
Rests my restless mind
Holds my tears of overwhelm
Like a mother, nurses my juvenile body

I am life´s, I am love´s
I am a drop of immensitude in the endless ocean
I am free, I am wild
I am an everflowing river
Directed through my path
Which will find its own course
I know where it will end
In the wild, untamable ocean


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