quarta-feira, 8 de junho de 2016

3 Papers

Me and my neat organization
Me and my petty little papers
So nicely organized
All so identical
3 identical papers stacked identically
Light, Water, Rent
Light, Water, Rent
Light, Water, Rent
Light, Water, Rent
So useless
Such a useless waste
Of my organization and time
1 year´s passed by
12 stacks of 3 papers identically piled
I wait for 1
Then I pay 2
Wait for the next one
Then I pay 1
Then I staple, clip, stack
Waiting for the next month
While I wait for 1
To pay 2
To wait for the next one
To pay 1
To wait for the next month
So I can staple, clip, stack
Staple, staple, clip, stack
´Till I have a
New stack of 12 stacks of 3 papers identically piled
What a waste of time
What a waste of organization so nice
What a fucking waste of my precious time


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