segunda-feira, 23 de março de 2015

Water Poem

Everything is weird
Everything´s bizarre
What reality exists?
What´s reality after all?
When I smoke up all my senses
Get bizarre
I hear the noises, they awe me
They befuddle me
Make me akward
Bells of hammering
Non-stop working
In the middle of the full moon night
Hammering and chiming,
Work is time passing
Awkward feelings
All´s sensations
Unclear sensations of the physical rhealm
Unstable phases of my consciousness
I must stop
Find deeper oceans of a thicker mass of water
Abyssal plain where the shale flakes down to rest on ocean floors

Darkness to enframe the glow of aquatic stars
Universe inside water
Flows of my mind
Still river
Still breaking rocks
Still wild and coarse
Carrying life
Carrying gems with glows of stars
Ride the river
Ride it wild
Then, let go, and let the river take is turn
Rocking me, bathing me, polishing my manners
What am I, crystal or sand?
I understand
A thing or two
Yet, in some days
Nothing makes sense
I take a chance
And I let go into that wild river
That sooner or later, will end up leading to the ocean
Past many rocks,
Maybe even encountering new ones at arrival
Making my way
To the vast and wild ocean.


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