segunda-feira, 13 de julho de 2015

The Wilderness and Me

Silly me
Who has let people twist my mind
Silly me
For crying all the time
Silly me
Who could be a flower in bloom
Who could fly without a rocket to the moon
Who could be springtime in June...
And I let myself be
The green grass that gets stepped on
Becoming bald before the drought has arriveds
My force, all to keep
Some green patches alive
Any trees that may sprout
Are ruthlessly trimmed
And the pretty flowers
Picked, they more quickly wither
The colors of the sky that fill my eyes
Quickly obscured by pollution
And artificial lights
I have turned on a switch inside of me
Because darkness now reigns
My heart screamingly weeps
I can count on despair
´Cuz it sure doesn´t leave me
Except when I´m all alone
With the wilderness and me
The wilderness in me


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